I'm not dead...

No, really. I'm quite alive.  Stress at work, busy weekends, and unpredictable weather has been keeping me at home these past couple weeks, which is a shame since extra stress at work is the time when hiking really does me the most good. I DID get a run in this Sunday though... well, a "run." Apparently I'm absolutely terrible at running, though I wouldn't mind getting more time to try it out. When not able to get out hiking, I've always enjoyed a nice walk around where I live, and running (with lots of practice) might be a good way to make it a little more aerobic.

I am, also, preparing for a trip to Israel this March. I'll be going with a group called Israel Outdoors, which will include a couple walking and small hiking trips.  The trip only lasts for ten days, but I am absolutely psyched! I definitely want to get out hiking a couple times before the trip just to make sure I'm ready for the sunrise Masada climb! I know you don't do a TON of hiking trips, but I am excited to see a part of the world I've never seen before!

That's all for now. Let's hope I post again before my Israel trip!

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