I walked the 5.3 mile loop at Lewis and Clark this weekend.  Since I've walked the trail quite a few times and posted about it as well, I don't see too much of a need to rehash it. However it felt REALLY good to get back out on the trail, because it's been far too long. The weather has been nice, and while sometimes it's hard for me to get myself going, I'm always glad I've hiked once I'm out there.

I did want to say that it looks like new mile markers have been added since I last hiked the trail (or I don't remember them), which made me really happy.  I either like a trail to have all mile markers or none at all, as opposed to the first time I hiked the trail there were markers for the first couple miles and then they they petered out. The signs are easy to read and very clear, though I always have a moment of hesitation at the stream bed where the trail splits off. I'm going to go back soon and do the 8.3 trail soon too, just to attempt to get back into some kind of hiking shape.

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