Had a beautiful warm weekend, but am fighting off a cold from my students and wasn't able to go walking or hiking at all. Now that the week has started, the cold has settled in my chest, which makes my asthma really act up very badly, so all in all I'm glad I didn't test my limits, but I'm sad I missed out.

I've attempted to get some fun in other ways. I've attended two classes at my local REI lately, two talks given by the same couple. One was about their Appalachian Trail thru-hike (2,181 miles from Georgia to Maine), and the other was a slide show of their thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail (2,650 miles from Mexican border to the Canadian border), both with helpful tips on camping, food, gear, and mail drops.  I hadn't been as familiar with the PCT, but hearing them talk about it and watching the gorgeous slides made me want to hike it as much as the Appalachian Trail, if not more! I hope one day I actually get to DO all these things, instead of just talking and reading about it.

Also, they recommended this website that I absolutely love now and have decided if I do get a tent, I want one of these: Tarptent.com  I can't believe how lightweight these are!

On a more uninteresting note, I got my hiking pants shortened (finally!), so now they won't get dragged down with mud and water! I'm pretty happy about this.