This weekend is looking great for some possible hiking, with Saturday in the 40s and Sunday maybe even hitting 50 degrees! My father expressed interest in hiking Pickle Springs ever since I hiked it a year ago and I figure as long as we are there, we might want to hike Hickory Canyons as well, which is nearby and only about a mile and a half long. I even picked up a copy of the 3rd edition of Steve Henry's 60 Hikes within 60 Miles of St. Louis that I've been wanting to take a look at to see how much one edition change really matters, so maybe I'll go Saturday too (though I have an allergy appointment in the morning, so I don't know how likely that is).

In the meantime, been devouring books about the Appalachian Trail. I already finished There Are Mountains To Climb by Jean Deeds, which was really interesting to hear from a female's perspective. I also finished reading As Far as the Eye Can See by David Brill, and began reading On the Beaten Path by Robert Alden Rubin. The only thing I wish is that more of these books had pictures from the author's hike. So far only the first book had any photographs from the Appalachian Trail.

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