Pickle Springs & Hickory Canyons

*NOTE* This blog entry somehow got re-dated  and I can't remember when it was originally posted.*

Today was an absolutely amazing day for a hike. The temperatures reached the 60s after months of me suffering from cabin fever. My father and I drove down to Pickle Springs and Hickory Canyons down near Sainte Genevieve, Missouri. It turned out to be a perfect time to try out my new hiking poles too, because the trail was muddy and often still covered in slush, snow, and plenty of ice! But we didn't let it stop us from exploring, though we did have to be extremely careful and take our time on the trails. The sun was warm, but down in the rocks and valleys the temperature would drop noticeably.  The ice formations were absolutely beautiful, and there was the constant sound of water dripping from the ice and running through the streams from the melting snow. I had been to Pickle Springs before, but never to Hickory Canyons. Hickory Canyons was wonderful, and reminded me a bit of the Little Grand Canyon I visited a couple months ago.

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