Took a hike on June 3rd, my father's birthday. We did the 8.3 miles at Lewis and Clark. Which apparently I have done more than any other trail.  Other than that, I haven't hiked since Israel. It makes me sad and I feel the difference in both my body and mind.  I can't wait to get back out there again.  St. Louis is suffering through weather in the 100s (it hit 108 this past week) and it is putting a damper on pretty much any outdoor plans.

Taking my break from my usual single-minded reading of Appalachian Trail memoirs, I am instead reading this:

Wild by Cheryl Strayed, about a woman's solo trip on the PCT (the author's website [and photocredit] is HERE ). Though I've usually been focused on the AT, I've heard quite a bit about the PCT as well (a married couple I saw give a talk at REI had hiked both and showed pictures and stories of their experiences on both trails) and it has caught my interest quite a bit. It looks beautiful and challenging in ways that are both similar and completely different from the Appalachian Trail. One day maybe I'll hike BOTH. I wish sometimes I could just walk away from my life here for just awhile and immerse myself in a thru-hike. Hopefully one day I'll see what life brings.

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