Cuivre River

    I had the chance to visit someplace I hadn't gone before, Cuivre River State Park, which is pronounced "Quiver River," at least in Midwesterneese.  The park was a bit confusing to figure out, as the signs weren't too easily spotted and one of the main roads had been shut down (as well as the main visitor's office being closed, so that there wasn't really anyone who could be much help.  My father and I had originally planned to do the Big Sugar Creek trail at this park, but the leaves were so heavy over the ground that the trail was almost impossible to find and the trail wasn't exactly overly marked. I would love to return to this park and try again in the spring.

    Instead we ended up doing the Lakeside Trail that runs all around the lake, which was marked off in my book as being one of the easiest hikes in the park, running about 3.5 miles. It was fairly easy, but still had some challenging bits. Especially since the lake looks deceptively small and round, as if you can see the entire perimeter. Don't be fooled though! The lake has quite a few twists, turns, and random inlets that keep you guessing: sometimes I would think we were about to turn around and start heading back to the starting point, which looked very close indeed, only to turn into another inlet and have quite a ways to go! The start of the trail was quite confusing, as there was a bridge I assumed you had to cross to start the trail, but instead you have to walk across the rocks that don't look like you should be walking on them.

This was a peaceful, beautiful trail. I don't think it was even really marked, but it hardly had to be... the trail was clear cut and easy to find, and simply followed the shore of the lake the entire way.  Sometimes you were a little bit above the water, but a lot of the trail you are walking directly against the shore.  There were almost no other people on the trail, and the single-track dirt trail was perfect for keeping hikers to smaller groups.  We noticed a LOT of trees that had been seemingly attacked by beavers, shells in the water, and lots of birds to listen and watch.

   I forgot to update this hike when it happened, so I'm backposting this entry. I'm sure I had far more to say about the trail, but can't remember. I can say, though, that I really enjoyed this trail and would certainly do it again, and would like to revisit this park to try out more of the trails they have to offer.

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