Things to come

So obviously I haven't been updating lately, and in truth I haven't been doing much. The heatwave that hit this summer was absolutely brutal. Getting up at 5am to go hike wasn't going to do much to beat the heat that just seemed constant, week in and week out, day and night. Aside from a walk at Powder Valley a couple weeks ago, I haven't been out much. I really need to though. I find that I am happier overall when I get out and hike. Whether it is the exercise or the outdoors that gives me that peace and de-stressing that I need, I'm not sure, but I know it is affecting me.

However! Next weekend I go to Richmond, Virginia to visit a dear friend of mine that I've known since middle-school. She's just finished grad-school there, so this is one of my last chances to visit her before more schooling or a job takes her somewhere else in the country. I am very excited to see her, as now that we live farther apart we rarely get to talk as much as we used to.

Even though it isn't ALL that close by (at least a 2 hour drive), I am absolutely giddy at the fact that we might actually get to visit Shenandoah National Park!!!!  Not only is this an absolutely beautiful national park, it is also a national park that the Appalachian Trail runs through. Now Shenandoah National park has "over 500 miles of trails, including 101 miles of the Appalachian Trail." So I don't know if I'll get to walk on the actual Appalachian Trail or not, but it's the closest I'll have ever been since my dream started to hike it thru one day. I'm hoping for some dry and not insanely hot weather so that I will have a chance to really enjoy this opportunity to see this national park and catch up with a really good friend.

I need to find my camera charger and find out exactly how I'm supposed to pack for a trip that is only over a weekend but might include camping.... expect an update though!


Kate said...

My boyfriend was toying with the idea of us going to Shenandoah next weekend! It's a long shot I know (we'll be coming from opposite directions and the park is like 3 hours long driving), but if that's what you and I both decide to do, maybe we could meet all meet up for a hike.

Kristin said...

That is really exciting! And, I bet you can find part of the AT - a lot of the trails wind through one another, merging and crossing paths! Enjoy it!!

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