Creve Coeur Lake

I didn't do nearly as much hiking as I wanted to during my week off, but the trip to Johson's Shut Ins was totally enough to make up for that. I did do a walk at Creve Coeur Lake today though. I took the main Lakeview loop for most of the way around, probably 3.5 miles or so, and also added on the Mallard Lake loop for an extra 2.6 miles. Even though it was a good length, the paved trail and level ground makes for a really nice walk that is best for exercising. I kept up a good pace most of the time (except when I stopped to take pictures), but I did slow down for the pedestrians only section of the Mallard Lake loop, where suddenly the trail became more gravel and the surroundings quieter and peaceful. I even saw two deer during this section. Creve Coeur Lake is a place I really like to go when I need some exercise but don't feel like driving out to do a big hike.

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