More purchases, but still no hiking

Next week it will have been two months since I've gone on a hike. Preparing to get back into hiking very soon, despite the long weeks of very hot and stormy weather. Met a few more people interested in hiking through a friend, so might have yet another hiking club I'll be able to join when I don't feel like going on my own. My allergies and asthma got better for awhile, then came back (but much less worse this time) for awhile, but I think I'm about ready to at least start slow by next week, if the weather isn't too killer hot.

Went to the big REI sale today. Bought another pair of merino wool hiking socks so that I won't have to wash the same pair every time I go. I also finally bought a pair of pants to hike in that aren't jeans, and they were almost $20 off the normal price! REI brand women's rendezvous convertible pants with UPF +50. It is a blend of 95% nylon and 5% spandex, and they seem very lightweight and roomy, which will be a great change after hiking in sticky, uncomfortable jeans for over a year. They're a petite size, so they actually will be just right with my boots on, and zip off just under the knee to convert into shorts if I get really overheated (though I'd like to avoid that and avoid ticks if I can, but it is nice to have the option). I also finally caved and got a membership at REI... this means 20% coupons, free rock climbing on their wall, and discount prices to some of their classes. Once I get into backpacking and needing more equipment, it will be nice to have those discounts too.

I can't wait to get back into the swing of things. Maybe next weekend...?

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