REI was having a sale, so I thought I'd treat myself to some hiking gear. My sneakers that I usually wear hiking are at least a couple of years old, and don't seem to have the traction or support I need in some of the more difficult trails. I want to keep this up more than anything, so hopefully the money I spent will remind me that I better get out there!
   Buying hiking shoes is not easy. The store was insanely busy, so while I was helped quite a bit, I still didn't get all the advice I probably needed. I ended up buying a pair of women's Vasque hiking boots on sale. Even though I was told at first that these shoes were better for narrow feet, the other pair that the woman brought that were better for wider feet never seemed to fit quite right despite the two different sizes I tried on. The Vasque shoes were the ones that felt the best at the time, and I walked around in them and went up and down their fun fake rock to try them out. I brought the Vasque shoes home and haven't worn them around quite enough yet to gauge whether they are right for me. It's hard to tell because I'm not sure if the shoes simply don't fit right or if I'm not wearing them. After wearing them around the house a little, the top arch of my foot hurt, but I think it was because I tied the laces too tight. It also felt strange walking around in them, but I am not used to wearing a shoe with a high ankle like that. What I need to do is hanker down and actually wear them around the apartment every night I can for a week, and then make a decision. It would be a shame to have spent a good sum on a pair of shoes that didn't fit just right-- I'd hate to be caught on the trail with blisters!

I also may have bought some socks there because I realized that perhaps one of hte issues with the shoes was that I was wearing little girly ankle socks with them, and those are hardly the right socks for hiking at all, much less for shoes with high supportive ankles. These, while strangely costly (hence the reason I only bought one pair... I'm sure I can find appropriate socks at Target or something), at least will give me the feel I need to decide whether I will be keeping these shoes or bringing them back. I maaay be overthinking this, but it really is a hard play to call.

sorry about the terrible pictures.

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